Two Read Books




    Looking for a book for your budding reader?

    Is your child uninspired to read because the stories at the right reading level have content for much younger beginning readers? Are you looking for stories your child will find engaging and will be able to read successfully?

    Look no further!

    Two Read Books is introducing a new series called Meg and Greg with phonics stories for children ages 6–9 who are learning to read. The stories are designed especially for children who are learning to read with a language-learning challenge such as dyslexia or with English as an additional language (English Language Learners). Find out about the stories’ special features.

    A Duck in a Sock is Book 1 in the Meg and Greg series. Each story in the book features one of these letter/sound combos: ck, sh, ch, th. In these stories, you will meet Meg and Greg, who are neighborhood friends. They are hanging out together in the summer break doing what 10 year olds do — helping an injured duckling, finding a lost fish, saving a wandering sloth, and catching run-away chickens.

  • Two Read Books publishes stories designed for shared reading between a child learning to read and an experienced reader. The stories have special features to help a child with dyslexia or another language-based learning difficulty find reading success. The books are for:

    • Six-to-nine-year-old kids who are learning to read
    • Kids with dyslexia or another language-learning difficulty 
      who benefit from learning with a structured approach
    • English language learners