• Meet the 44 Sounds Team

    Elspeth Rae Carter

    Elspeth opened 44 Sounds OG Learning Studio in 2011. She is a Certified Orton Gillingham Practitioner and holds a Bachelors of Education from Simon Fraser University with a minor in Learning Disabilities.  She has taught children of all ages using the Orton Gillingham approach.  Before starting 44 Sounds OG Learning Studio, Elspeth taught at Fraser Academy (a Vancouver school for children with learning disabilities) and Reach Learning Centre (an Orton Gillingham centre in North Vancouver).

    Elspeth was diagnosed with dyslexia in Grade 3 and learned to read and spell with the Orton Gillingham approach. It gives her an enormous sense of pride to now be teaching children who struggle with reading, writing and spelling.  She also finds it very rewarding to watch children blossom as they grasp these important skills that open a world of opportunities and understanding.

    Elspeth is a member of the International Dyslexia Association and the Canadian Association of Therapeutic Tutors – Orton Gillingham (CATT—OG). She also served on the CATT–OG board for three years.

    Elspeth is currently writing a series of books for students with dyslexia or other language learning difficulties to gain confidence in their reading. Find out what makes these stories so special at www.44soundspublishing.com.

    Anna Fong

    Anna holds a Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) from Cambridge University. She trained in teaching the Orton Gillingham approach at Fraser Academy. She also holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology from Simon Fraser University.

    Anna has extensive experience in education. She taught as an ESL instructor for over ten years in Japan and Vancouver. She has worked behind the scenes in education, as an administrator at the University of British Columbia for Teaching, Learning and Technology. Anna joined 44 Sounds OG Learning Studio as a teacher in 2014.

    Anna loves working with children and enjoys helping students gain confidence and success in their learning. In her free time, she enjoys doing pottery, hiking, swimming and spending time with family and friends.

    Katie Brown

    Katie holds a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from McGill University, as well as a Bachelors of Education from Simon Fraser University. She completed her Orton Gillingham training at Fraser Academy. Before moving to Vancouver in early 2016, Katie ran an organic farm in the Lytton area and taught part-time at the local school.

    Katie has always been curious about how we learn and acquire language. She was drawn to the Orton Gillingham approach because of its multi-sensory nature and the way that teacher and student explore reading and writing together. Katie brings enthusiasm and passion to her teaching and inspires her students to succeed. In her spare time, Katie enjoys reading, writing, biking and hiking.

    Beverley Rudy

    Beverley holds a Bachelor of Arts in French Literature from McGill University and a Masters in Second Language Education from George Washington University. She has taught in both French immersion and English classrooms in the public school setting for seven years. While taking time to raise her own family, she completed her Orton Gillingham training through Fraser Academy.

    Beverley has a passionate interest in language and enjoys creative writing and reading for reading’s sake. She sees the ability to read and write as foundations to the education process. Beverley values the differences between learners and enjoys helping her students build their skills through the Orton Gillingham approach. As a teacher, Beverley is sensitive to her students’ learning styles and encourages them to make meaningful progress one step at a time. In her spare time, Beverley enjoys yoga, running and baking.

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  • What's with the name 44 Sounds?

    We all know there are 26 letters in the English alphabet. Well, those 26 letters make 44 different sounds! There are the vowels, each making 2 different sounds (listen to the sound e makes in “let” versus “he”).

    The consonants each make a different sound (except for c and k, which sound the same, although c can also sound like s as in “city.” Also, q and x don’t count toward the consonant sounds, because q really says “kw” and x says “ks”.) There are consonant digraphs: th, sh, ch, etc. There are “r-controlled” vowel sounds: er, ar and or Last, and perhaps most fun, are sounds called diphthongs (pronounced diff-thongs, not dip-thongs): oi, ow, aw, oo, etc. (oo gives two sounds; think “book” and “food”.)

    In total, these marvelous sounds add up to 44. If you don’t believe me just Google it!

    • “Our daughter has gone from being frustrated, crying while doing homework, erasing till the page ripped, to a student who enjoys creative writing and practicing spelling words”.

      Douglas Park Parents of a Grade 6 girl