• Is Orton Gillingham Right for Your Child?


    You may never have thought about it but children learn an amazing number of things without any specific lessons. Smiling, talking and walking all come naturally, without much instruction. Children hone these skills by observing and copying what’s around them. For many children, reading is just another thing that they learn in much the same way. 

    Unfortunately, reading and spelling are not straightforward for all children. Children with dyslexia and other learning struggles require extra and different support that the public school system typically cannot provide. Forty Four Sounds is very successful in helping such students because of its one-on-one, direct and explicit instruction: the Orton Gillingham approach, and because of its highly supportive, kind, warm and tutors. 

    If your child has been identified as having a learning difference or learning disability, or if your child just struggles with reading and spelling, then one-on-one OG lessons at 44 Sounds may well be the right approach in helping your child succeed.

    Forty Four Sounds accepts children ages 5 to 12.


  • Did you Know? About 15% of the English language does not follow the rules. These words have to be memorized. e.g., words like Wednesday, laugh and friend. How does the O-G approach help students remember these non-phonetical words that don’t follow rules? Wednesday: It is best to ‘wed’ the Loch Ness Monster on a Wed-nes-day. Laugh: Laugh and u get happy. Friend: Never fri the end of your fri-end!

    Student Profiles

    Name: Rebecca

    Age: 7

    Fav Animal: Cats

    Fav Rule: Buzz Off Miss Pill

    Fav Vowel Team: oa

    Pet Peeve: spelling words with schwa vowels.

    Name: Greg

    Age: 11

    Fav Animal: Raptors

    Fav Rule: 1-1-1 Doubling

    Fav Vowel Team: ee

    Pet Peeve: When my mind moves faster than I can write.

    • “We feel very lucky to have found out about Forty Four Sounds.”

      Douglas Park Parents of a Grade 2 girl