• “When we started at Forty Four Sounds in Grade 3, our daughter was struggling to read, write and spell. She was not functioning at grade level. We knew something was up since Grade 1 but had figured it would “click” at some point or that the school resource teachers would be able to sort it out. That was not the case. After a few months with Forty Four Sounds, we saw definite improvements. Now in Grade 6, we’re fine and more than keeping up with the rest of the class. We feel very lucky to have found out about Forty Four Sounds. It has made a huge difference in our daughter’s grades – not just in language arts, but every other grade that depends on reading, writing and spelling. It has improved her confidence as well. Our daughter has gone from being frustrated, crying while doing homework, erasing till the page ripped, to a student who enjoys creative writing and practicing spelling words”.

      Parents of a Grade 6 girl
      Douglas Park
    • “We have been astounded at the progress in our son’s reading and spelling ability with just two hours a week for the past six months. Not only is he reading with fluency and comprehension he is taking chances and trying to spell challenging words in a way he never would have before. Elspeth has given him more than just tools but a confidence in his own ability. This has been a great decision for our family”.

      Parent of Grade 6 girl
      General Wolfe Elementary
    • “My daughter has made significant gains in her reading and writing since she began O.G. tutoring with Elspeth 2 years ago. I was impressed by the very thorough initial assessment Elspeth completed, which clearly outlined areas that required work. Elspeth is extremely organized and goal oriented which maximizes the amount of learning possible in each lesson. Tutoring has been a very positive experience and has made it possible for my daughter to excel in school.”

      Parent of Grade 6 girl
      General Wolfe Elementary
    • “As many parents can attest, it’s very difficult to find the right tutor for your child. We feel we have finally found the right person, Elspeth has been a great fit for our son and has helped him immensely.

      Her diagnostic test was very thorough and she understood my son’s needs. With this knowledge she developed a plan and we can see our son making good progress. She has also helped him with his confidence and focus in class.

      We’re looking forward to more successes in the future with Elspeth.”

      Parents of a Grade 6 boy