• Orton-Gillingham Tutoring

    44 Sounds offers Orton-Gillingam (OG) tutoring to children with dyslexia and language learning struggles. Lessons are one-on-one, taught by a qualified OG tutor, for students aged 5 to 13.  Every lesson is prepared specifically for each student and incorporates a review of known work and the introduction of new material, which differs for each lesson. Examples of reviewed and new material are sounds, spelling rules, the meanings of prefixes and suffixes, non-phonetical words, and sequences.  Parents receive a written progress report at the end of each term.  For more frequent and informal feedback parents are welcome to speak to the tutor at any time throughout the term.


    Group Tutoring

    We offer group tutoring to students who are at the same reading and spelling level. Groups consist of two or three students together.  The lesson format remains the same as for the one-on-one lessons. Parents receive a written progress report about their child’s progress at the end of each term.

    Diagnostic Assessment

    Every student who joins Forty Four Sounds is given a diagnostic assessment during the first lesson.  This informal assessment establishes a child’s reading and spelling level.  It highlights strengths and areas to be worked on. If parents are considering tutoring and would like an assessment prior to signing up for lessons, we are happy to do one.

    Please note that a diagnostic assessment is not the same as a psycho-educational assessment, which might determine if your child has a learning disability.  A psycho-educational assessment must be carried out by a psychologist.


    Progress Reports

    Progress reports are sent home at the end of every academic term.  Reports show all the new work your child has learned and his or her mastery of each piece of new work.  A reassessment of reading level is also included in each report.

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    Important Details


    Students typically attend one-hour lessons two or three times a week.


    We ask that families register for lessons for the duration of the current academic term. The recommended length of time that your child continues to attend tutoring at Forty Four Sounds will be dependent on the child’s age, reading level, learning style and progress. 


    Registration Fee $200 
    (Includes Diagnostic Language Assessment and Report)

    One-on-one Lessons 

    • before 3:00 pm $60 per lesson
    • after 3:00 pm $64 per lesson

    Small Group Lessons Fees vary depending on number of students

    Diagnostic Language Assessment and Report $200
    (if a family would like the assessment and report, but are not registering for lessons)

    All fees subject to GST

    Hours of Availability

    Monday to Thursday: 1pm to 6:30 pm

    • “Her diagnostic test was very thorough and she understood my son’s needs.”

      Parent of grade 6 student