Summer Programs

  • Summer Programs at
    44 Sounds 

    This summer we are offering two different programs to help students build confidence, and keep up and increase their language skills over the summer:

    One-on-One Orton Gillingham Lessons and

    Small-Group Summer Camps  

    Read on to find out about our Summer Programs!

  • Summer at 44 Sounds

  • One-on-One Orton Gillingham Lessons

    These lessons are for one hour each weekday for one week, and will be at the same chosen time each day. Choose one or more weeks from the list below, and pick from these times: 9 am, 10 am or 11 am.

    July 17 to 21
    July 24 to 28 
    Aug 14 to 18
    Aug 21 to 25
    Aug 28 to Sept 1

    Cost: $300 (plus GST) per student, per week

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    We are located at:
    200 – 3737 Oak Street
    Vancouver, BC
  • Small-Group Summer Camps

    Each camp will include

    • Orton Gillingham group instruction (min. 3 students, max. 6 students)
    • Typing practice
    • Writing skills based around a weekly theme
    • Levelled reading
    • Snack and stretch breaks

    Camps are ideal for students who: 

    • Will be entering grades 2, 3, 4 or 5 in September 2017
    • Want to boost their confidence before the new school year begins
    • Want to keep up practice on the skills they have learned already 

    Camp Schedule: Monday to Friday from 9 am to 12 pm

    July 17 to 21
    Aug 14 to 18
    Aug 21 to 25

    Cost: $300 (plus GST) per student, per week

    Camp Themes 

    Science Writer’s Week – July 17 to 21 

    During Science Writer’s week, students will research a scientific topic of their choice and write an explanatory report on why or how their chosen science phenomenon occurs. Ideas for topics include: Why do stars twinkle? How do spiders build their webs? How do birds know where to peck for worms? Why does more rain fall closer to the mountains? Each day, before the students get down to their research and writing, we will start with a group OG lesson and typing practice.

    Journalist Week – Aug 14 to 18

    In Journalist Week, each student will produce a mini newspaper. Depending on students’ interests, they might decide to report on a sporting event, festival, scientific discovery, economic crisis, story of a local hero, or any other recent news story in the media. Students will find their stories from kid’s newspapers and either read the story or have an adult read it to them, to gather the facts. Each day, before the students put on their journalist hats, we will start with a group OG lesson and typing practice.

    Children’s Book Author Week – Aug 21 to 25

    Bring your imagination and creativity to Children’s Book Author week! Each student will write a short story intended to introduce a younger child to a particular reading or spelling skill. Students will pick a skill they have learned recently. It might be a spelling rule (like Buzz Off Miss Pill, or Magic ‘e’), or a digraph (like ‘th’, ‘sh’, ‘ch’), or an affix (like the base ‘struct’). Each day, before the students start writing their story, we will start with a group OG lesson and typing practice.

    *Camps are subject to cancellation if they don’t meet a minimum enrolment.  

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    • “Almost as soon as my son started at 44 Sounds I saw a huge improvement in his reading skills. His teachers also noticed the improvement and asked me for the name of the tutoring company I was using so that they could recommend it to other parents”.

      Parent of Kindergarten student - Talmud Torah